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x rAYS 3D


Panoramic Radiography

For our treatments we make sure to know the oral system of our patients thoroughly, to this effect, we initiate the treatment with a previous inspection with our 3D X Rays Technology.



We offer free dental diagnoses in the first consultation to evaluate possible treatments, provide and facilitate alternatives to each client in particular.



We have the Dental Implants service with the latest technology and the best products on the market to ensure excellent results so you get the perfect smile.



In addition to oral health, the appearance of our smile is essential nowadays, thus we have the best specialists in cosmetic dentistry to achieve amazing results.


Root Canals

We have the Endodontics treatment, which is carried out with a previous analysis of each clinical case and as a result of that, the type of treatment for each patient is suggested.


We only use the best dental braces on the market applied by our best specialists. A preliminary analysis is carried out throughout a panoramic and lateral x-rays of the skull, as well as models of teeth analysis and a deep study through photographs.


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