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Veraviewepocs 3D R100

 3D Paronamic x rAYS

For our treatments we make sure to know the oral system of our patients thoroughly, to this effect, we initiate the treatment with a previous inspection with our 3D X Rays  technology, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation as well as visible light, but with some different characteristics. The important difference is that X-rays can penetrate or pass through the human body and produce images projecting the shadow of certain structures, such as bones, some organs and signs of disease or injury. Anybody can request this service and take it to their doctor, both from neighboring places as well as from the U.S.A.

Autoclave sterilizer

In Mustre Dental Clinic we have the highest standards of hygiene, for this reason, one of our infallible instruments is the autoclave sterilizer, which is a standard instrument in laboratories that allows exposing the material to be sterilized at temperatures higher than the boiling point of water, by increasing the pressure.

Dental Laser Therapy

In Mustre Dental Clinic we are constantly updating and in matters of technology we are not left behind. For this reason, we use the Dental Laser Therapy in our patients, which is a treatment that consists of sending an electromagnetic beam to an area of the body for therapeutic purposes.

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